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Icon Clan - Rock n'Roll Rodeo


01. Bridges Burn
02. Get Out!
03. One And Only (love of my life)
04. Take Care
05. Highway’s My Home
06. Fat Boy
07. Adios
08. Tom Of Bar Chaplin
09. Rock For Fun
10. Pint Of Blues
11. (I just wanna) Go Home
12. Teenage Again
13. Gimme A Call
14. I Need Your Love Tonite

Since 1999 the Rock’n’Roll group ICONCLAN from Helsinki, Finland, has teased its listeners. The band is bravely swimming against the flow and trends and is kneeling before Motörhead and Peer Günt (a legendary Finnish rock group), Honey Aaltonen (a famous Finnish rock-author) has even called ICONCLAN a mini-Motörhead! The Clan’s music is based on old school Rock’n’Roll with a little bit of Punk-chunks. ICONCLAN‘s reputation of being a great live act does not come without a reason. Bodyshaking, mind-hammering and sweat-producing rhythms are the main ingredient of their shows. During the past five years the band has travelled around Europe, so clubs and highways have become very familiar to these guys - they have partied in 7 different countries and played around 80 shows. When it comes to recording, ICONCLAN has taken it a little easier so far, with two albums having been released in the past. Their debut album “Drive-in Religion“ was more or less fast and dirty Punk Rock. The second one “Cottonfield Gospel“ has already been released on Whirlwind Records and, as the name tells, it was more basic Rock’n’Roll. Now in 2010, ICONCLAN have armored up with their third full-length “Rock‘n‘Roll Rodeo“ and their new style is straight forward heavy Rock’n Roll! It‘s a straight-in-your-arse bullet you shouldn‘t miss.

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