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With dust in your lungs, you put one foot before the other. One step ahead and all believes vanish into thin air. Leaving behind the horizon of faked illusions, a new time arises from the fog. Not sure whether it will pay off, you decide to go ahead.


After 10 years, one EP and two full lengths, „Das Ende einer Wahrheit“ (“The end of a truth”) is a new beginning and the most ambitious piece of the band to date. saphena combine post-metal influences and thrash elements with a distinct intuition for tight songwriting. Deep atmosphere arises to be torn down shortly after. Electronic soundscapes, a rough but tight production and the mastering of Alan Douches (converge, mastodon) create an impressive entity.

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Andreas Herrmann - voice
Robert Kunz - guitar
Joki Schaller - guitar
Axel Kunz - drums
Robert Helbig - bass

Hometown: Chemnitz/ Germany


Das Ende einer Wahrheit
  • Das Ende einer Wahrheit
  • 2010
  • Whirlwind Records
Das Leben wird zu Glas
  • Das Leben wird zu Glas
  • 2005
  • Whirlwind Records
Nutze die Zeit
  • Nutze die Zeit
  • 2002
Brainstorming EP
  • Brainstorming EP
  • 2001

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