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Loud, Hard and Straight - Rebelhead is moving fouriously between metal and Rock'n'Roll - no compromise


Rebelhead started in 2001 when Jore and Aki got frustrated of playing music that sucks, though this band did not help much in that sense. But the fire was burning deep inside their hearts and this duo decided to start from the most important thing, the name of the band. Little by little they found more players to the band and naturally the line-up got changed few times until the right guys took their places (Aki-vocals, Jore-bass, Mikko-guitar, Erno-drums). All the guys have played before in various bands but for your sake we better not mention those names. Aki had not sang like this before but neither had Jore made any songs earlier so they were quite even in that matter. From the beginning it was clear that plagiarizing was ”the thing” for Rebelhead and natural victims for it became their idols, Pantera and Entombed. It took few years to practice without any hurry and after that they recorded few demos which gave them a record deal from Germany. Finnish redneck-metal was born!

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Aki – vocals
Jore – bass
Mikko – guitar
Erno - drums

Hometown: Tampere/ Finland


  • Fightback
  • 2005
  • Whirlwind Records

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