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Slechtvalk - A Forlorn Throne

A Forlorn Throne

Year: 2010
Code: WW018



01. Tamers of the Seas
02. Forsaken
03. Desolate
04. Divided By Malice
05. Allegiance
06. Enthroned
07. Bewailed
08. Towards The Dawn
09. Vengeance Of A Scorned King

“A Forlorn Throne” is the fourth full length release of the Dutch Dark Viking Metal band SLECHTVALK. Starting in 2000 the band quickly became one of the most important black metal bands in the Netherlands. Signed by Whirlwind Records in 2009 they are now ready to take the next step. SLECHTVALK has already released three full-lengths, a split-cd with KEKAL and a DVD. The band debuted with ‘Falconry’ (2000) and had their breakthrough with “The War That Plagues the Lands“ (2002), which reached #2 in the Lowlands Top-20 and stayed for weeks in the Top-10. After the release, SLECHTVALK toured Europe for the very first time. The single ‘Thunder of War’ from their last album “At The Dawn of War“ (2005) made it to MTV. Thanks to the media-exposure the band again was able to tour Europe. Besides this tour, SLECHTVALK supported bands like ELUVEITIE, MÅNEGARM, ENDSTILLE, SKYFORGER and SUIDAKRA during mini-tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 2009, Whirlwind Records signed SLECHTVALK and released their first „Best Of“ Record “An Era Of Bloodshed“. With the upcoming album “A Forlorn Throne” SLECHTVALK has done their new masterpiece including guest vocals by Erik Grawsiö from Månegarm. The cover front artwork was made by Raymond Swanland who worked for other projects like “Magic the Gathering”. Mixing and mastering was done at “Fascination Street Studios”.

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