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Kekal - 8


01. Track One
02. Gestalt Principles of Matter Perception
03. A Linear Passage
04. Tabula Rasa
05. Private School of Thought
06. The Regulars
07. Departure Gate 8
08. Heartache Memorial
09. Let Us Blend
10. Open World
11. End Unit of The Universe

"8" is an eight studio full-length album from the cult Experimental/Post-Metal band KEKAL. With 11 songs total, each song displays its unique character as a balance between electronic and organic elements, rhythm and melody, aggression and atmosphere, simplicity and complexity, beauty and the beast. By incorporating both traditional and non-traditional approaches to production and a wide range of musical instruments such as electric & acoustic guitars, drums, samples from field-recordings, theremin, analog synths, vocals, vocoder, TR-808, and even a 'controversial' vuvuzela sample, KEKAL redefines the term 'experimental' in its true sense, but yet listeners will find the entire album accessible and digestible.

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