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Wednesday 14. December 2005 Whirlwind Records joins SX Distribution!

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We are happy to announce that our releases will be distributed by SX Distribution. We think both companies fit together well and now you got the chance to buy the stuff in the nice record stores or over amazon (Germany)

Thursday 24. November 2005 Whirlwind goes CRN

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Thank all you guys for visiting us at Christmas Rock Night. A special howdy goes out to our stand neighbours of Sally Forth Records.You still should check out our mailorder. We got three brand new releases from Facedown (like the new NO INNOCENT VICTIM). Furthermore we present NO MANS BAND from Finland featuring members of Rebelhead and Icon Clan.

Sunday 13. November 2005 saphena Release - mailorder news

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We wanna thank everybody for making the saphena release party such a great show! You can order their new album "Das Leben wird zu Glas" now in our mailorder. Also visit saphena's new website (englich version coming soon) and drop us a line how you like the stuff. In our mailorder you can find lots of new releases from 'becoming the archetype' 'campsite' 'living sacrifice' 'project 86' 'winter solstice' and many many others.

Monday 31. October 2005 saphena release

Unsere neuen Sprosse von saphena (ex- BRAIN[FAQ]) feiern nach langer Zeit das release ihres neuen Albums "Das Leben wird zu Glas". Am 4.11. laden wir herzlich zur rauschenden Releaseparty mit dick Bonbons ins Chemnitzer Atomino ein. Bei uns kannst Du jetzt das Album Portofrei vorbestellen und wenn du schonmal dabei bist auch gleich unser nächstes aktuelles release- "Fightback" von Rebelhead gleich mit anprobieren... es lohnt sich. Ein weiteres Konzerthighlight erwartet uns am Montag 7.11. im Bunker  Chemnitz mit The Spirit that Guides us aus Holland - unbedingt empfehlenswert. Die Jungs wird man nicht mehr lang in so heimeliger Atmosphäre belauschen können. Im Mailorder gibts wieder einen ordentlichen Schwung bester Metalscheiben.

Monday 31. October 2005 refreshed and grown

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A very warm welcome on the completely new whirlwind records site. We are glad to announce some new members in the whirlwind family: REBELHEAD from Finland perfom smashing death'n'roll and saphena (fka Brainfaq) present their emotional metalcore... check out their music in the new media section! Our mailorder is full of new tooth and nail and solidstate releases and further a load of nice metal releases.  
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