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Tuesday 31. October 2006 Lengsel video + two new songs online

Watch a video for the new lengsel album "the kiss the hope"  here: www.myspace.com/whirlwindrecords There you also find a new song. Another one is posted for you on: www.myspace.com/lengsel ENJOY!

Friday 27. October 2006 Start Populär in Dresden with Whirlwind Records

You can visit us on the 11.11. in Dresden at the "Start Popolär". There you will find some other labels and lots of local bands. Enough time to have a cup of tea and talk about the weather. More infos: http://www.startpopulaer.de

Tuesday 24. October 2006 NEW LENGSEL SONG ONLINE

YES! It's out: Listen to one song of the upcoming Lengsel album "the kiss the hope" on our myspace site. If the player doesn't work (which happens :) try purevolume: www.purevolume.com/whirlwindrecords LISTEN: www.myspace.com/whirlwindrecords __________________________________________________________________ still discount on mailorder till 25th: This is one of your last chances. The guy who is guarding the storage room is on holidays. Grab as many CDs as you want and save the shipping costs if you order from within Germany or get a 3 € discount outside of Germany. This offer lasts till the 25th of Oktober.

Thursday 28. September 2006 Lengsel news - Videos online

After letting you wait for a while for Lengsel news we got something for you now. The mixing of the album is done and its now in the process of mastering. In the next weeks it should be finished and release is dated to end of October/ early november. Before we will present some tracks for prelistening. So come back and check that. On Lengsel's myspace site there are some new videos like a making of from the upcoming video clip. Besides, you can grap an impression what the "new Lengsel" look like. So what will "the kiss the hope" bring? Describing this album is rather difficult. Musical categories don't fit. It's guitar music in a challenging fashion. Noisy and wild parts are embedded in atmospheric landscapes. Atmospheric is probably the key term of this record. Three creative musicians build up a musical experience which is for people who look for something new and different. Probably you don't know much more now and that's why we just say: Check out the new tunes - here - soon. Promise. Lengsel at myspace: www.myspace.com/lengsel

Sunday 03. September 2006 panic in solitude OUT! saphena back from tour

We talked about it quite for a while. Now it's for real. Kashee Opeiah's "panic in solitude" is released. Enough of words. Listen or just order right away. Won't regret it. The guys just give deliver all you need to have a nice mosh with that album... though an intelligent one. 
order "panic in solitude" here
Listen to Kashee opeiah
myspace saphena are back from the islands
The guys of saphena are right back from their UK Tour with through solace (Wales) and for the day of redemption (Belgium). They had a great time being on the road and just would have a special night every night. Read the tour diary here and get quite some pictures with it. saphena tour diary

Friday 25. August 2006 saphena UK tour - preorder kashee opeiah

From monday 28th till saturday 2nd saphena will be on their UK Tour. On their site you can get an impression of their trip in the tour diary. If you are around in the UK you should of course come by to a show yourself. They share the stage with two awesome bands called through solace and for the day of redemption. the dates are: 8/28 Northampton 8/29 Huddersfield 8/30 Glasgow 8/31 Newcastle 9/1 Kingswinford 9/2 Neath for more information visit our tour site. Further you should check out our latest release to come:
"panic in solitude" by KASHEE OPEIAH. The overwhelming mosh experience is on pre order NOW. Release date is 1st sep. Check out the band here and buy the record here. Thanks. visit kashe opeiah's myspace site here

Friday 11. August 2006 Pre order the new KASHEE OPEIAH album!

Preorder "panic in solitude" the new amazing album from KASHEE OPEIAH now and geht a nice discount on shipping costs! Official release date is the 1st september. For ordering go to the shop. Info and music about KASHEE OPEIAH HIER. By the way - the new Lengsel record "the kiss the hope" is in the final stage of sound designing - be prepared for some pre listening in the next weeks.
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