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Friday 25. May 2007 NEWS : NEWS : NEWS

We've been away for a short while due to a new server but now we are back with a bunch of good news: PANTOKRATOR RELEASE The release date of the new Pantokrator album "aurum" must be postponed a bit due to technical problems. But we are working hard on it and the great music will be revealed soon. ENGLISH MAILORDER Due to some technical problems our Englsih mailorder is currently down. Please use either the German version or order via Email: order@whirlwind-records.com Thanks. WHIRLWIND SPECIAL ON PODSAFE METAL PILOT Listen to a Whirlwind Special podcast on Podsafe Metal Pilot. Only the best songs and features for a short time. LISTEN NOW NEW SAPHENA SHIRTS Although they are mainly rehearsing for new songs, saphena made a fine new shirt. It was made by Azraeldesign, who made the design for cool bands like caliban and heaven shall burn. HAVE LOOK AND ORDER HERE WHIRLWIND GOES FOOTBALLSPONSORING We are proud to be the new sponsor of the almighty football champs Roter Turm Chemnitz. They will have our logo on their shirts which will teach their opponents some respect. www.myspace.com/roterturmchemnitz

Thursday 10. May 2007 cottonbomb zurück auf der Bühne - Whirlwind auf der POPUP

Nach 30 Jahren Pause ist unsere Rockabteilung endlich zurück auf der Bühne. Sie sind als special guest zum New Chance Bandwettbewerb geladen und freuen sich auf Bands wie Emesis und Course Death. Treffpunkt ist das Schützenhaus in Hohenstein Ernstthal diesen Samstag 12.5. 20 Uhr. Tickets gibts für nur 5 Euro (bei 7 Bands). cottonbomb haben neue Songs und auch sonst einen Haufen prima Geschichten in der Kiste. Infos: www.voice-of-art.de _______________________________________________________ WHIRLWIND RECORDS auf der POP UP Die mittlerweile wichtigste Messe der Indieszene wird auch von einem Whirlwind Records Stand belagert. An diesem Wochenende trifft man dort alle wichtigen Menschen und in ganz Leipzig hervorragende Bands. Zieht euch das rein. www.leipzig-popup.de ___________________________________________________________ FEAR DARK INFOS Karten für das Fear Dark Festival in Chemnitz können für 9 Euro hier vorbestellt werden: promo@whirlwind-music.de ...und der Bunker ist klein also ranhalten.  World to Ashes bei myspace: www.myspace.com/worldtoashes Die Fear Dark Festivals haben eine eigene myspace Seite. Freund werden, anschaun und hingehn: www.myspace.com/feardarkfestivals Für das Fear Dark in Chemnitz am 20.5. gibts bei uns auch ne extra Seite: www.whirlwind-records.com/home/tour/fear-dark-fest/ 

Friday 04. May 2007 World to Ashes join the Fear Dark Festival

Bad news first: Immortal Souls have to quit their appearances on the Fear Dark Festivals. The lead singer has health problems in the throat and cannot sing. We wish him all the best. Therefore our sweet new Death Metal experience "World to Ashes" joined the lineup in Esslingen, Aarau and Chemnitz. They will give you all you need to mosh and go crazy. Check out two songs of their upcoming EP "Of what there is to come" here:  World to Ashes on Whirlwind Don't miss their myspace appearance: www.myspace.com/worldtoashes The Fear Dark Festivals also have a own myspace site. Go there, make friends, and stay: www.myspace.com/feardarkfestivals The Fear Dark Festival in Chemnitz got its own info site here: www.whirlwind-records.com/en/home/tour/fear-dark-fest/ 

Saturday 14. April 2007 Pantokrator on Tour - New Sampler with guideline und century media

Just in time for the release of "aurum", Pantokrator come over to tour Europe in April. The first and the last date are two festivals which shouldn't be missed: 21.4. Elements of Rock (Sacrificium, Virgin Black uvm.) and 28.4. Frivol Festival (disbelief, sacrificium u.a.). In between the guys are on tour with the two excellent bands Hypnosis (FR) und Exhale (SE). The dates: Apr 21 Uster, CH Stadthofsaal Elements of Rock Festival Apr 22 Lyon, FR Lyon Hall w/ Hypnosis (FR), Exhale (SE) Apr 24 Prague, CZ Velvet w/Hypnosis (FR), Exhale (SE) Apr 25 Berlin, DE K17 w/ Hypnosis (FR), Exhale (SE) Apr 26 Leeuwarden, NL Mukkes w/ Hypnosis (FR), Exhale (SE) Apr 27 Chemnitz, DE Bunker w/ Hypnosis (FR), Exhale (SE) Apr 28 Großerlach, DE Stadthalle Frivol Festival News about their upcoming album will be online soon. Don't miss the tour of this explosive package!  www.pantokrator.com http://www.myspace.com/pantokratorofficial ________________________________________________________ Songs to set hearts on fire II – whirlwind - guideline – century media sampler Together with Guideline Records and Century Media Records we produced a sampler with a fine selection of our songs. There are as well bands like Norma Jean, Dead Poetic, Becoming the Archetype, Opposition of One, Today Forever and many more. The sampler is not for sale at the moment but it will be available on tour and when you order something in our mailorder. So get that!

Friday 23. March 2007 More bands, More releases, More metal

WORLD TO ASHES join Whirlwind Records World to Ashes is a young and hungry death metal band from southern Germany who will blow you away with their modern metal breed. Their debut EP will be released soon. Check out two songs already on www.myspace.com/worldtoashes Welcome guys – we’re happy to have you here! __________________________________________________________ “The Habit of Fire” from Kekal is OUT NOW. Order the epic masterpiece of urban avant-garde metal HERE. Check the tunes HERE and on www.myspace.com/kekal. Till 1st of April you get the album for pre-order conditions. That means: No shipping costs in Germany, only 2 € in Europe, and only 4 € worldwide. Order Kekal “The Habit of Fire” HERE

Thursday 08. March 2007 Be the first...

to preorder the new Kekal album "The Habit of Fire". Due to some problems with the mastertape the release had to be postponed. Therefore the preorder is prolonged as well: Till April 1st you can preorder the album without shipping costs (in Germany, Europe: 2€, Other: 4€). Order "The Habit of Fire" here! _________________________________________________________ Whirlwind Releases in the USA We are very pleased to announce that we found a distribution partner for our releases in the US. Open Grave Records will take care of our stuff there. "The kiss the hope" from Lengsel is already on its way to the states. We will keep you informed about release dates of the other records here. _________________________________________________________ "The Kiss the Hope" in Norway From 3/19 on Lengsel's current album will be distributed in Norway through Indie Distribution. Norwegians: Get it! _________________________________________________________ Pantokrator Tour The new Pantokrator album "aurum" is on its way and with it the tour in April takes shape. More of this and a new Band in the Whirlwind family next week on this site.

Thursday 01. February 2007 New Band on Whirlwind Records - Pantokrator on Tour

Update: -- new CDs from the icy north in our mailorder -- We are excited to announce the first new band for 2007 in the Whirlwind family: KEKAL from Indonesia is band which we know and love for quite a time. Now their 6th studio album "The Habit of Fire" will be released on Whirlwind Records on 15th March (USA 15th May). There you'll experience 70 minutes of conceptual urban avantgarde metal which mixes extreme guitar music with electronic soundscapes. Nevertheless the work is still accessible. On www.myspace.com/kekal you can already listen to the track "Isolated I" from the upcoming album Kekal Info www.kekalonline.com www.myspace.com/kekal ___________________________________________________________ Pantokrator Tour in April We all are looking forward to Pantokraor's new album "Aurum" which is coming in April. To present the new material to you guys the band will have a European tour from 20th to 28th of April. More info and exact dates will be announced on this site soon.
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