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World to Ashes

With their record, they created a pounding piece of melodic metal for moshing spirits and true hearts.


World to Ashes live their passion for intense melodic music as well as the ability to present our thoughts, feelings and experiences in a form that meets their core. With their creation, they express the things they experience, the things that surround us, push us, alter us, bring us to the ground and to the grave. 


Achim Wiedemann - drums
Christoph Zacharias - vocals
Lorenz Schmidt - guitar
Daniel Maucher - guitar
Sascha Hornberger - bass

Hometown: Freiburg / Germany


In Contemplation of Death
  • In Contemplation of Death
  • 2009
  • Whirlwind Records
Of what there is to come
  • Of what there is to come
  • 2007
  • Whirlwind Records

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