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death-energic bloodpunk to save the world


Warlight is a death-energic bloodpunk ensemble from the dark forests of Norway consisting of 4 riot-rock lads who know what they want in their life on earth: To play the best, fastest, wildest, loudest punkrock shows and write the toughest, deepest, most important, most provocative truth-anthems for mankind ever.
Too much for them to handle? No way! These kids have long gone given up their lost heroes and started on the task of beeing the leaders and saviours of riot-truth-punkrock themselves.




Dagfinn Vik - voice, guitar
Arvid Vik - drums
Yngve Andersen - bass
Frode Lidal - guitar

Hometown: Bergen / Norway


The Bloodchronicles
  • The Bloodchronicles
  • 2007
  • Whirlwind Records

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