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“THY BLEEDING SKIES stands for irresistible, modern Death Metal with no musicial limits“.


Claudio A. Enzler (My darkest hate, Sacrificium) started to compose songs back in the year 2006. After just 8 months of intensive songwriting and searching for bandmembers they recorded their debut album “Chapters of downfall“. The Debut-CD “Chapters of downfall“ was released worldwide in May 2008. The band played a tour through Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech Republic in the same year and over 30 live single shows until today. Straight after their tour and a line up change they started the songwriting for their 2nd album “Autumn souls“. After another line up change and with the new record in hands the band decided to take the next step and signed a contract with the German label “Whirlwind Records“.


Claudio Enzler - guitar / vocals
JJ Kontoniemi - drums
Oliver Grosshans - guitar
Wolfgang Nillies - guitar
Thorsten Brandt - bass

Hometown: Stuttgart (GER) / Helsinki (FIN)


Autumn Souls
  • Autumn Souls
  • 2011
  • Whirlwind Records
Chapters of Downfall
  • Chapters of Downfall
  • 2008
  • Dark Balance

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