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Mean walls of garage metal buildings collapse over and over and stream into valleys of delusive silence.


On their debut “solace”, Lengsel impressed with their own interpretation of black metal and created a loyal worldwide fanbase. Six years later, “the kiss the hope” is the next step in the evolution of the band. It’s a rebirth.

The three guys from Oslo, mainly involved in Extol, go to their extremes. No borders, no taboos. Metal, garage, relaxed soundscapes and new wave influences melt to a coherent piece of extreme music.

“The Kiss the Hope“ is rough, confusing, intimate. With whirlwind records they found a partner who shares the ideals of the band.

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Ole Halvard Sveen
Tor Glidje
John Robert Mjåland

Hometown: Oslo /Norway


the kiss the hope
  • the kiss the hope
  • 2006
  • Whirlwind Records
  • solace
  • 2000

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