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Kashee Opeiah

KΛSHEE OPEIΛH (pronunciation: [kæshie;opea]) leaves a permanent impression. Raw, brute, and thrilling. Agression vs. brokeness. Musical images of a storm. KΛSHEE OPEIΛH fills the gap between Norma Jean and Cult of Luna.

The panic starts here.





The band was formed in today’s line-up in late 2002. Some shows were played until in august 2004 first experiences in a studio could be made during the recordings for the self released debut album The Wholde Divided Intogether (under the old name 'Slidepulsedown'). Further inland and abroad shows followed. During the year 2005 songs were written, the band developed, and, apparently, a new record was needed. In may 2006 KΛSHEE OPEIΛH signed 'Whirlwind Records' (Chemnitz/Germany) and went into the 'Rape of Harmonies' studios (Heaven Shall Burn, Fall of Serenity) to record the new album Panic in Solitude. Simultaneous the band decided to rename the project.

KΛSHEE OPEIΛH will give you an idea of what it means to go through a Panic in Solitude.


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Daniel Ziesche - vocals
Sebastian Reuther - guitar
Markus Franz - guitar
Stephan Reuther - bass
Christian Reuther - drums

Hometown: Chemnitz/ Germany


Panic in Solitude
  • Panic in Solitude
  • 2006
  • Whirlwind Records

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