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Icon Clan

Honest and dirty Rock'n'Roll from Finland


In spring 99 Icon Clan was founded by Mick “the Rock” and Skinny Dee. In times of too much ‘plastic bands’ they want to give their people a real and authentic Rock’n’Roll experience.
After a while, Fat Flasher, a friend of Mick, joined the band and appeared to be just the right guy for rocking the basslines of Icon Clan.
The first thing they did was going to the studio to record a first promo- song. This song “naked” was the starting point to show the Icon Clan- like Rock’n’Roll to the world.
Pretty fast more and more people started to like this rough and dirty sound and it was time for a first longplayer.

Only 24 hours at Watercastle Studios were enough to record “Drive in religion”. All instruments have been recorded live at one time to approach a rough and explosive sound. For the band it was important to transfer their live- energy right to the disk.
After two successful European- tours they went back to the studio again. This time they could take slightly more than just 24 hours to record another album. A deal with whirlwind- records made the session much more relaxed in matters of time. Even though their musical roots (like Chuck Berry and others) are more obvious on “cottonfield gospel” than on the debut, Icon Clan still know how to rock hard…

…and will keep going to rock the world…


Mick the Rock - guitar/ vocals
Fat Flasher - bass
Skinny Dee - drums

Hometown: Lipavesi/ Finnland


Rock n'Roll Rodeo
  • Rock n'Roll Rodeo
  • 2010
  • Whirlwind Records
Cottonfield Gospel
  • Cottonfield Gospel
  • 2003
  • Whirlwind Records
Drive in Religion
  • Drive in Religion
  • 2001

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